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festivals and craftiness

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as i said, lately the words just aren't there, but at least my craftiness still is!

i have been in clutch making mode lately after i realized how easy they are. this is the third one i have made as a birthday gift, plus two more for me - i am on a roll!

if you want to see more of my craftiness in person, i am involved in two different shows this weekend:

the first is the whimsical wares pop-up shop in marietta, ga. i was so honored to be asked to be a part of this group show and i know it will be a huge success! the great thing about it is that the two wonderful ladies who run it do everything. yes, everything-which leaves me free to be at the country living show in stone mountain, ga, friday through sunday. i will be helping out in the modern june booth working the oilcloth table for the second year in a row. at the country living fair, you will also be able to find my aprons, tinsel hearts, embroidery hoops, lamps, etc.... inside modern june's double booth.

ohio and country living

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i feel like these days that i am one day late for everything. i have things planned, but oops, i missed whatever by a day. so weird! to honor this time in my life, i am a day late with this post letting you all know that i sent a box of goodies to travel with Modern June to the ohio county living show this weekend. 

if you are in or near columbus, ohio, take a day to explore the show - you will have the best time and will see the most amazing hand crafted work by all the creative vendors.

festivals and temperatures

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this past weekend, in 107 degree temps, i participated in The Revival - a Vintage Marketplace at The Goat Farm in atlanta. if you have never been to the goat farm, you must visit - it is them most amazing vintage space full of tons of architectural relics and it has a great vintage vibe. we set up on friday and sold saturday and sunday while sweating our booties off. literally.

the above vignette is my favorite! it includes everything i love - crystal lamps, furniture, fabric and a few sparkly things.

booths don't get pretty in an instant though. this is what our booth looked like about two hours after unloading. i shared a double booth with joya jewelry so we could mingle our items for more impact.

i added pillowcases made from vintage sheets this year by mixing different patterns into one pillowcase. the pillows are sitting on a vintage typewriter table painted a sunny yellow and embellished with the words "these are the days". next to that is a headboard/footboard combo that i LOVE, but sadly, no one wanted to take it home for their room.

these botanical prints all drawn by me are currently available in the shop.

another new addition this year is my scalloped bunting. i had originally planned to hang them all from the rafters in the booth, but after setting up, we decided that might be too busy. so i returned home friday night and whipped up some labels and packaged them up individually. there are times like these that i am so thankful i also work as a graphic designer and am able to do these things on the fly.

these pink alabaster lamps are so unique and will also be added to the shop shortly.

so i mentioned the 107 degree temperatures, right? well, these crazy things we are all wearing around out necks literally saved our lives. without them, i think i might have had to visit the ER. the are called frogg toggs and you stick them in ice water, wring them out and then lay them on your neck. they stay oh so cold and worked really well in keeping us from passing out.

left to right is reagan (my sweet friend who came down to help us out), jenni, me and joy. i honestly cannot imagine doing festival without these ladies. i can be a debbie downer at times when the crowds don't show or people aren't buying, but these ladies always know how to bring me out of my funk!
as a finale to this picture heavy post, i had to show you all my warm weather do for the weekend. LOVE!!!

bags and a traveling show

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right about the time you are reading this, i am white knuckle driving through the streets of downtown atlanta preparing to unload for a festival weekend. driving in town normally doesn't bother me, but when you have a car load of breakable stuff filled to the roof and you cannot see anything behind you, all while frequently looking out of your sunroof to make sure the 2 screen display doors strapped to your roof haven't flown off, well, it makes for a stressful hour.

if you are in atlanta and 107 degree temperatures don't scare you off, stop by the vintage revival festival and the goat farm and say hello. i love meeting my blog readers and i will definitely need some entertainment to get my mind off the fact that i will literally be melting. did i say 107 degrees???

this festival is a bit different for me as i am partnering up with joyajewelry in a 20x10 tent. yep, 200 square feet of lovely vintage transformations. and i have furniture people, furniture! prepping for this festival has created a monster - i cannot get enough of redoing furniture. i will also be selling lamps galore, aprons, original artwork as well as prints, travel pouches made from vintage sheets, the list goes on and on.

i will save a place for you by the fan!

a wooden chair and some attention

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meet my latest project.

i found this chair at a yard sale and the people pretty much paid me to take it away. seriously, this beauty was less than a value meal at your favorite fast food place. it is an old wooden swivel office chair that also sports castors and a moveable back. it was another love at first site moment for me!

the chair had been painted black at one point in time, but most of that has worn off. i loved the aged finish, so all i did was clean it up a bit and then gave it a coat of danish oil. to spruce her up, i added a strip of gold leaf running down the sides (inspired by this piece) and then came time for my favorite part - adding fabric.

i am obsessed with the final product and can't wait til i can display it at the vintage show i am doing at the end of june. more on that to come...

thrifting and sheets

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i might be reaching hoarding capacity with vintage sheets.

what? you say this stack doesn't look that large to you? well, it doesn't, but combined with the 8 other stacks not in the photo, i am overflowing! the thing is, i just can't pass them up. the patterns, the softness, the fact that you get about 4 yards of fabric for $2 - all this makes them irresistible to me.

the good news is i finally have a plan for them and i am so excited about the idea. once i make a prototype, i will share the goodness with everyone.

headboards and chandeliers

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i hit the jackpot thrifting last week - finding good stuff is a better high than drugs!

i got accepted to be a vendor at the revival in atlanta this summer and my festival brain has been spinning. i took a break from festivals this past year because of some unfortunate experiences, but when i read about this one, i knew i had to give it a go.

so last week, joy and i headed to one of our secret locations (actually it's two thrift stores right next to one another). not many people venture here because it isn't in the greatest part of atlanta, but really, it is all in your mindset.

this headboard was my find of the year. why, you might ask? well, because it is $5. yes, $5 for the head board and foot board combined. i went right out and bought some lovely yellow and grey chalk paint and i cannot wait to give this piece a make over.

the other thing i have sworn off is chandeliers. i really love giving them new life, but it is a logistics thing for me - they just don't travel well. but, i am going back on this break as well. one is a brass and white ceramic chandelier and the other brass one is a 3 tier chandelier. it is huge and beautiful. i plan on spraying it 3 consecutive colors of blue to give it the ever trendy ombre look.

parties and pics

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the sunday on the same weekend as my ornament exchange party, i joined in a little craft holiday showcase with jenni and joy. we set up at jenni's house from 1-4 and welcomed customers from all over atlanta (and a few from out of state!)

if you want to see more pics, head on over to jenni's blog. i completely spaced and took multiple pics with my camera on the wrong setting. i had 31 blurry, horribly lit pics and then the 32nd was this gem above. this necklace is part of joy's new crochet/chain collection and is just so beautiful. i am in awe of her tiny and precise crocheting.

now the only question i have for you is why do my eyes droop in photos??? seriously, this has been happening for over a year now and i am so sick of it. is there a trick out there in the universe to fix droopy eye pics. you know, like how you are supposed to touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth to avoid a double chin? any advice would be a true christmas gift to your truly :)

oilcloth and a giveaway

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through the small world of blogs and twitter, i was asked by the wonderful kelly mccants of oilcloth addict to help out in her country living fair booth. well, she didn't have to ask me twice! plus, the icing on the cake was when she said i could sell my aprons and hoop art in her booth. i said it to my friends all day long, and i will say it here - kelly is truly one of the most generous people i have ever met. the opportunity she gave me to be a part of this festival means more than she knows.

me (on left) and kelly braving the cold morning temps
so, i spent saturday cutting and rolling oilcloth for the thousands of people who came through the gates - um, can you say workout. seriously, i never knew that rolling oilcloth would make me break a sweat! i worked with 5 great women all day saturday and met so many fun people coming through the booth. i hope all of your oilcloth projects turn out beautifully!!!

did i mention that kelly was generous? she sent me home with a signed copy of her new book "sewing with oilcloth" from wiley publishing as a giveaway for one of my blog readers. just leave a comment here letting me know what you love about oilcloth. that's it! the giveaway will run for a week and a half, ending on sunday, november 6th. i will announce the winner on monday, november 7th. *be sure to leave an email or blog link so i can contact you if you are the winner!