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makes and minimizing

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this post is for everyone viewing my blog through some other reader (like flipboard, which is my latest ipad obsession). since you probably have not seen the changes i have made recently, i thought i would fill you in.

with a new year, comes a new look to the blog. i didn't change my logo or my branding, i just did a little spiffying up, a little minimizing of the eye candy you could say. the biggest change is that all the tutorials you could previously find in my left hand sidebar, have now been elevated to their own page. they are awfully excited about it as well, i assure you! 2011 has seen the creation of many new linwood avenue tutorials and they were getting a bit out of hand so you can now find everything you want under the "make-it" link highlighted in the top left of the header bar. as this section grows, i will probably break the items into sub categories, but for now they are all cozy next to one another.

if you make any of my tutorials, please send me pics, i would love to see your spin on things. also, i am a horrible typer (note: not a horrible speller), so if you notice any oopsies, kindly let me know that as well. i will quickly remedy the situation and not be offended in the least bit, i promise :)

so there you have it. download what you like and make your home a linwood avenue home in 2012!

art and design

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since my days are my own again, i have finally found time to digitally finish my botanical drawings. yay for me!

my prints begin as fully finished colored pencil drawings, then i scan them in and add the words and border digitally. i love combining my two passions of fine art and graphic design to get something complete unique and totally me. this batch brings my total of prints up to 8 which means i only have 4 more to do before i have enough for my calendar dream. well, actually 5, because a hydrangea is not associated with any month, i just did that one because they are my favorite!

what is your favorite flower? i just might throw one into the mix as well :)

baby showers and new heights

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one of my favorite blogs to read is written by amy turn sharp. she hides nothing about what she is thinking or feeling as she makes her way through life and every entry stirs some kind of emotion.

amy, along with her carpenter husband, is also the driving force behind little alouette - a sweet family business creating eco-friendly wooden teethers and blocks for wee ones. i have been working on design/branding with them for over a year now and am so excited whenever they get a leg up in the industry. i designed these letterpress tags for them a few weeks ago and they have already made their way to a pretty large client. curious? well, you will have to go here to find out which celebrity sported little alouette teethers at her baby shower!


critiques and photography

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for a good number of people selling on etsy, including me, photographing your work can be a rough experience. there are many sites giving you tips and tricks, but the truth is that often you can't visualize what is wrong until you see your competition. picclick is a convenient etsy/ebay cataloging site where you type in what you are looking for and it pulls every item thumbnail for sale that meets your descriptions. no matter if your search turns up 10 items or 500, every thumbnail will appear on one page. ONE PAGE folks - no longer clicking through a ton of pages!

for photography research, search for an item you sell and be as descriptive as possible. i chose "large lamp shade" and the above shot is a sliver of what turned up. i now know that:

A. it really is hard to photograph lamp shades creatively!
B. my photos are a bit too gray
C. i am one of the few who show the entire shade in their image, and really like how mine are cropped.

which means... i am off to search out tips on lighting!

etsy and branding

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i feel like i am finally back into the etsy groove. there is definitely a balance to this whole thing. take lots of photos, post lots of items, but spread out your postings. this is something i did not realize at first. i loaded all my wares at once and they just sat and sat. i am now fully on board with listing a new item once every few days.

i have talked about my dual life as a graphic designer and it helps me out so much with my current endeavor. i want to help crafters understand that you are not just selling a product, you are selling a whole brand. if your artwork is beautiful, but the look of your shop is not tied together, it reflects on the brand. it is like going to an interview in your pajamas. i am a firm believer in having one logo and one logo only, stick with a color scheme, type in all caps, use the same descriptive word over and over, whatever it is, stick with it and don't veer off path. i know i take it to the extreme, i even dress myself in Linwood Avenue colors on festival days, but a good brand will do wonders for your business.

art and excitement

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it's here, it's finally here! my copy of 1000 handmade greeting cards arrived last night and i couldn't be more excited. the book is gorgeous – it even has a great die-cut of 1000 on the front cover (designers love little touches like this).

and here i am on page 174, number 0582, in all my 3x3 inch glory. the color in the book is a bit off, but the card is a white card stock with a bouquet of white roses quilled on the front, tied together by a silver metallic quilled ribbon. i used to make a ton of these and sold them in various stores in atlanta. the line included white, red or a mixed bouquet of white, red and pink roses. they were always perfect for weddings. if anyone wants a tutorial, let me now and i can post one on here. if you want a copy of the book for your very own, you can get it here.