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recycling and transformations

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do you remember this "one mans trash..." post i wrote a few months ago? well, this is what they turned into! i am a frequent thrift shopper and i would always find myself in the kitchen pots and pans aisle. i don't know what would steer me here, but i would stand looking at the sea of cast off metal and think there was something i could do with it. only, i didn't know what that something was.

i took a few pieces home to experiment with and this is what turned out. the bird piece above is my favorite. i often see a lot of these metal casserole dish holders cast off because the dish no longer exists and i was intrigued becaause they have the prettiest details and shape. i added some yellow spray paint, a print out of one of my favorite mixed-media pieces and then finished it off with some blue and white trim to hide all the yucky bits.

this was a large fluted pie plate that i painted pink and added some gold leaf for extra detail. then the same thing, i attached an image of one of my mixed media pieces, gave the whole thing a coat of varnish and the transformation is complete.

i am so excited to here feedback for these pieces at the show this weekend. hopefully they will be snatched up and maybe hung in a kitchen for a second life.

a dollhouse and furniture

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when i was in pittsburgh the other weekend helping my mom with a moving sale, i definitely got a bit nostalgic. i have two older brothers and by the time i came around, i am sure my mom was ready for some girlyness. this dollhouse was a christmas gift for we think when i was 6 or 7. all i remember is that it had a small bottle tree on the widow's walk and with that addition, the dollhouse was taller than me. i remember having some fun with it and going to the special dollhouse store to buy some furniture, and putting up some wallpaper in the rooms, but i never got crazy into it. i think my adult self would have had a lot more fun decorating it than i did when i was a child. sadly, i live too far away and have no space to give it the love it needs. i figured it would sell, but i wasn't prepared for the dollhouse to be the first thing to go. i quickly ran into the house to grab my camera to capture the memory and that was it.

while getting the dollhouse ready, we also came across boxes of vintage dollhouse furniture from my mom's childhood. i had to set up a few room vignettes just to show you all the sweetness. and before you ask, we did not sell these, they are keepers (for now, at least). this furniture is from the late 40's and was bought in germany where my mom's family lived on a military base. this is the dining room set complete with sliding glass doors on both storage pieces.

the kitchen is to die for with the sky blue accents.

and last but not least is the bedroom set - my favorite. my mom remembers her mother sewing the bedding for her as a christmas gift. notice the ruffles and the dressing table cover. the mirror on the dressing table is beautifully aged and i love that the little yellow flower pot has survived through the years.

i have such a soft spot for anything vintage, but when the vintage comes from my own family, i can't get enough!

rain, roads and loot

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my pilgrimage of yard saling which coincides with the bi-annual Cotton Pickin Fair festival weekend happened last friday. due to a very rainy night and morning, we pulled on our rain boots and were off! it is a long day full of sights like this..

and i had high hopes for amazing loot, but i only ended up with this...

well, this and a round side table that is pretty cool. thrifting is my crack - i honestly get a high off of it, so when the day is so so, i crash really hard.

the favorite find i ended up with is spools and spools of vintage tinsel (background of photo) which i have already repurposed into something pretty cool. are you following me on instagram under "linwoodavenue"? if you are, then you already have an idea of what my brain conjured up :)

a wooden chair and some attention

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meet my latest project.

i found this chair at a yard sale and the people pretty much paid me to take it away. seriously, this beauty was less than a value meal at your favorite fast food place. it is an old wooden swivel office chair that also sports castors and a moveable back. it was another love at first site moment for me!

the chair had been painted black at one point in time, but most of that has worn off. i loved the aged finish, so all i did was clean it up a bit and then gave it a coat of danish oil. to spruce her up, i added a strip of gold leaf running down the sides (inspired by this piece) and then came time for my favorite part - adding fabric.

i am obsessed with the final product and can't wait til i can display it at the vintage show i am doing at the end of june. more on that to come...

china and love at first sight

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this past thursday i headed out bright and early to an estate sale.

it was the last day of the sale and no photos had been posted online so i had no idea what i was going to find. but, the estate sale gods did not disappoint!

i spotted this amazing china and it was love at first sight. then i saw the price tag of $35 dollars, quickly calculated the last day half price discount and i knew it would be a lasting love. i took home 38 pieces for $17.50. pretty good deal in my book. especially after a quick internet search, i discovered the lidded sugar bowl alone is going for $24.

the pattern is "golden glory" by harmony house which i believe was sold through sears in the 50's, but i can't find any more information than that. any way, I LOVE the artwork - the gilded stylistic floral pattern is soooo anthropologie.

zippers and a bag

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i often joke about it, but i have definitely crossed the line of hoarding with this post. but i have a good reason for the madness, i promise. well, maybe...

here goes - this entire lot of around 600 zippers (a guess) was $4. is that a good reason to be hoarding more zippers that i could possibly use in a lifetime?

some local sewing shop must have gone out of business and dropped off all their inventory at my local thrift shop. they have bins and bins of zippers along with bins and bins of serger thread. at least my compulsion drew the line at buying up serger thread for a serger i hope to acquire in the future.

back to the zippers - fill up a grocery bag as full as you can and pay $2, that was the deal. i stuffed and stuffed and walked away with a bag of zippers in the most amazing colors for $2. and then because i could not stop thinking about them, i went back in the afternoon for another bag. $4 in all, and half of them are metal zippers that i am note even sure if they make anymore. and if they do, they would definitely be more than $2 for a single zipper in any store.

i do have plans for these zippers though - some will be used as intended, others will be crafted into flower broaches and more will be for sale during the atlanta goat farm vintage show at the end of june.

collections and cards

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do you have collections, things that you can't pass up when you see them? maybe something that others don't know about?

when i was in college, i collected anything cow related. seriously, cows - what was i thinking? everyone knew about my collection, so i received lots of cow related gifts and then it just kinda got out of hand. then, the problem with people knowing about your collections, is they think years later, you are still collecting the same thing. can you image 5, 10, 15 years of cow related gifts??? anyway, i thankfully grew out of my cow obsession and have lately been on a vintage paper obsession. a much better way to spend my time, don't you think?

this is one collection that i am not afraid to let people know about because i get precious hand offs like these baby cards above. a friend of mine has a very thoughtful mother who gifted me these cards instead of tossing them into the garbage. as a graphic designer, i love looking at the detail which went into cards during the mid 1900's. they have embossing, moving parts, removable toys, and various textures, oh, the textures. i have cards in my collection that have a fuzzy fur-like surface, feathers, glitter - so many custom elements. translate those extra items to cards today and card companies would make us pay a fortune.

hands down, my favorite of the bunch is the die cut card, front and center, with the pink booties that have kitten faces as pompoms. A D O R A B L E!

another estate sale and goodies

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estate sale show and tell time! i went to the best sale last thursday and i can't wait to share what i found... this was in an iffy part of atlanta, but as soon as i saw the preview pics online, i was hooked. i begged my partner in crime to go because i just had a feeling about this sale. you know "that" feeling when you can think of nothing else and look through the pics to the point that you have them all memorized. well, the sale did not let us down. the woman's name was lucille and we were told she used to own a hat shop in atlanta. the vintage clothes, linens and craft items where everywhere! i don't think the napkins above are particularly old, but i loved the lemony yellow.

she was a huge canner and these tags were stuffed into an old canning jar. yes, i can buy these tags anywhere, but the age and stain cannot be bought new - perfect for my artwork.

ever since i used these hoops for my christmas ornaments, i have been obsessed with making mini wreaths. i use these wooden drapery hooks, but they are a bit pricey. when i came across a bag of about 30 for $2, i snapped them up!

lots of vintage wrapping paper for my canvas art. plus i also found these cool rolls plastic backed foil. we finally figured out that they are what potted plants used to be wrapped it - thanks joy! the colors are so bright and luscious.

and, do you ever doubt that i can leave an estate sale without snatching up vintage ornaments? you know i have an addiction when i put christmas ornaments on my blog in the spring, but i love them. these are all the best easter colors, so i actually have used them in my dining table easter decoration.

mixed into the basket of ornaments, i discovered these gems when i got home. they are obviously homemade and are so, so, so sweet!

what things have you rescued from an estate sale lately?