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blue and pink or maybe purple

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i can't believe it has been so long since i posted a ttv photo. so for your viewing pleasure, here is a bloom from my gigantic hydrangea bush in the backyard. the blooms this year are so huge and plentiful that we have had bouquets in the house for weeks now.

the other day, i asked my husband what he thought about trying to change the color of the blooms next year and he looked at me like i was crazy. "don't you like the blue?" he said. well of course i LOVE the blue, but there is something so magical about being able to change the color of a flower. a sprinkle of this and a sprinkle of that onto my soil and my yard could be sporting pink blooms next year, i can't imagine not being intrigued by the thought!

october and pumpkins

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between the fair two weeks ago and then pumpkin picking this past weekend, the munchkins are getting mighty spoiled. they were off school on friday, so we headed up to north georgia and spent the day traveling between a pumpkin patch, an apple orchard and a corn maze. the weather was amazing and since it was a friday, we missed most of the crowds, which is a good thing in my book!

i am seriously loving my ttv photos lately. i can't wait to get some printed and cluster hang them on a wall. well, that is if i had an open wall in my house :)

cotton candy and carnivals

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this past friday we packed up the munchkins and headed to the county fair for the night. i lugged around a backpack carrying my camera and ttv contraption which got a bit cumbersome, but it was worth it since i ended up with some really great photos. it was a night filled with cotton candy eating, stuffed animal winning, ride riding, clown watching, and gold fish winning. a good time was definitely had by all! what's your favorite fair attraction???

flowers and festivals

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this past weekend was the start to fall festivals and it was so much fun. i actually didn't set up as a vendor, but helped my friend joyajewelry out at her booth. the crazy thing was i randomly ran into 2 followers of my blog who actually knew who i was. seriously, it was so exciting!!!

as a blogger, you are constantly putting things out into the universe with little or no feedback. many of my days are spent in my studio making things, so i often live inside of my computer. i was thrilled to find people who are actually reading and more than that, like what i have to say. on that note, i wanted to say thank you very much if you are a follower. and if you're in the atlanta area, come out to see me at the norcross art festival the first weekend of october. who knows, maybe there are more people out there reading than i think :)

reds and oranges

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nothing much to report here on linwood avenue. i'm just staying steady busy with my day to day life while sprinkling in a few new projects. we spent a fantastic 4 days at the lake as we said goodbye to summer, now i am ready to start enjoying the reds and oranges of the autumn leaves.

charleston and a walk

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the last morning of our trip was spent walking through charleston with my ttv camera. this time around, i didn't care about shopping or visiting the "tourist" areas. i only wanted to walk and capture the beauty of the historic town which for me lies in it's architecture.

i loved this garage structure which has roots in religious architecture.

i couldn't resist the delicate white flowers against this pale blue house.

 wrought iron is everywhere!

and to finish off my walk, a pavilion in battery park. kind of made me want to jump in and start singing "sound of music" style.

ecourse and inspiration

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i took the plunge and signed up for kelly rae roberts' ecourse today. the course outlines all aspects of running a creative business and i am looking forward to a ton of inspiration! since i am sure there will be a lot of items added to my to do list, i am going to work double time this weekend to check off what i already have to do. first up on the list is to update this blog. stay tuned for some changes, hopefully good!

a peony: photographed and drawn

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i wish i had a green thumb, i really wish i did. usually i have a really hard time spending money on plants because they almost always end up dead. last year, i jumped back in again and planted a peony in the back yard. and guess what??? it grew this year and has produced the most amazing plumy pink flowers!!!

i haven't drawn anything since my botanical class a few months ago and i must say that this was a tough one. there are so many petals, but i am fairly happy with the outcome, especially the leaves.

art and photography

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jessica came over today and we got a head start on building my ttv tube. in my research, i discovered that there are no set rules for your tube. some of the more popular building materials are cereal boxes, a pringles can, a mailing tube, black board and/or duck tape. i chose a pringles can because i like the fact that i can cap off the top of the tube to keep dust out of the camera since i removed the lens cap on my brownie. due to the zoom range of my digital lens, i ended up cutting off the bottom 2-3 inches of the can. being closer to the brownie lens meant that more of the old dust and scratches were picked up in the photo.

a few minutes of trial and error, and i am already ecstatic about how the photos are coming out. it is a bit awkward framing the photos since what you see in the view finder is flipped, but other than that, the entire process has been really easy.

this photo of the wisteria in my yard is my favorite so far. it makes me want to sip some mint juleps!

cameras and a new hobby

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ever since i read this blog post, i have been obsessed with the look of ttv photography. the photographs are super romantic and entrancing. plus i love their square shape. i have been scouring thrift stores for an appropriate old camera, but haven't found one, so i finally bit the bullet and turned to ebay. i was originally looking for a kodak duraflex, but settled on this little brownie for $20 after shipping. not great, but not an awful price either. i am going to build my contraption this weekend and hopefully be back early next week to show you my first batch of photos.

looking through the brownie lens, i can already see flecks of black which will add to the end result. super excited!!!