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bats and white

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as i said a few weeks ago, i am really trying to amp up my halloween decorating this year. i found the idea for bats in either an old martha stewart or country living magazine. they are made out of thick black felt and i simply double stick taped them to the wall (paint touch up might be required, once removed ;) there are 3 different sizes and they start coming out of the fireplace opening and travel up the mirror. my new yellow mirror frame really works at this time of year! i collect fenton hobnail milk glass and my brother recently sent me a candle holder which gives me a collection of 3. the effect of placing them on the mantel is perfect. and since the photo was taken, i have now centered each candle holder perfectly. i am a bit OCD with symmetry and the fact that these are off kilter in this photo is killlllling me!

short and sweet

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begin anywhere.

that's been my motto for quite some time now. short and sweet - no excuses when it comes to following your dreams.

when i read this design*sponge post, the wheels in my head started spinning. i wanted to stamp the words somewhere in my house, and that's when my eye fell on my sewing chair.

my mom surprised me with this chair years ago and i still love it. so i borrowed some metal stamps from a friend, grabbed a hammer and got to work. once the letters were imprinted, i filled the indentations with white paint to make the letters pop.

the result is perfectly imperfect :)

lighting and springtime

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over 2 years ago, i acquired this retro kitsch chandelier at a barn sale. i tried a few times to conquer the rewiring of this piece, but it just wasn't going to happen. when a friend suggested i turn it into a candelabra, inspiration struck.

the original piece had a bright yellow cone going from the center up which housed a standard 60 watt bulb. this was the first thing to go, and then i took off all 5 bulb sockets. all that was left was a small piece of pipe on each stem which i glued inverted nails to. these serve as anchors for the candles. i only had tapers lying around the house, but i think small votives will fit nicely into each bloom as well.

i am already planning my 2011 easter table around this centerpiece, and in the meantime, it might be seen hanging from a tree in my backyard during an outside dinner. unless of course i decide to sell it??? hmmm.

pillows and piping

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slowly, but surely, i am making progress on the family room redo. gone are the large orange floor pillows and in their place are happy yellow and green floor pillows. they brighten the room so much that i am glad i took the leap. i spend so much time decorating a room the first time that it is often hard to admit that some things can be improved upon, and even harder to actually do it! the green fabric was from a discount fabric shopping trip i took a few weeks back and the yellow is left over from my guest bedroom pillows.

when i make pillows, 2 things are a must - piping and rounded corners. piping gives pillows that extra something. it takes them from being home made to looking store bought. i round my corners for 2 reasons. 1. it is easier for the piping to lay around a corner and 2. if your pillows are squared off, there is always a lot of extra fabric in the corners that never gets filled.

call me a pillow snob, but that's the way my mind works :)

trips and surprises

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my husband was in vegas this weekend and came home to a new huge triple mirror hung in our dining room...

our family room fireplace brick primed...

and the mirror above our fireplace painted blue!

at least, after 10 years of marriage, it is no longer a surprise that surprises will be waiting for him when he gets home :)

the mirror is from an estate sale i went to on friday. i am going to paint it white to freshen it up since it currently looks a bit 80s gaudy and blends in too much with the antiqued brass chandelier. hopefully today, the fireplace brick will turn a mid range taupe color and i will clean up the mirror. i can't believe i am already making progress on my make-over to do list.

family room and a redo

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it's redecorating time! something about my family room has never felt right. i have a pretty eclectic design style, which usually works, but this room isn't pulled together as well as i would like.

items on my to do list:

1. recover the orange pillows with this fabric. possibly using a plum colored fabric for the backs.

2. paint the fireplace brick a dark taupe (i know that is controversial!!!) but i think it will blend better into the wall.

3. repaint my gold leaf mirror frame. mom, don't have a heart attack :) i bought a quart of behr's "lagoon" which is a teal color pulled from my floral chairs.

now place your bets on how long it takes me to finish this makeover!

fabric and a new scheme

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saturday, i left the munchkins at home with their dad and i went on an all day fabric excursion. atlanta has a few discount fabric stores, and if you can handle the drive and scavenging, you can find some really great stuff. the first store i started at is deep, deep discount - $2 a yard or $2 a cut. for the cuts, you pull and sort through piles of fabric. some of the cuts i found had to have at least 6 yards in them and you guessed it, $2 for the entire 6 yards. now, this store is not one you go to for the key piece of fabric you are looking for, this is more of a curtain liner, pillow backing store. but for the cost, you can now afford to splurge on your main fabric.

my family room had never felt quite right to me. it is a dark room, and it just doesn't have the same lively decorating style as the rest of my house. i have 2 of the above chairs, plus a chocolate brown couch. i love the chairs, i really do. i always say that they are so ugly they are pretty. know what i mean? anyway, i have 3 super large floor pillows that the munchkins lay one. currently they are covered in a burnt orange fabric which, yes, do match the chairs, but it just isn't a fun fabric.

at the second store, a bit pricier at $5.99/yard (i'm getting crazy now!) i found this awesome chartreuse geometric. it is really thick upholstery fabric and now, finally, i can see where i want to take this room. i have sewing plans and a fireplace painting plan and hopefully i will be back soon to show you the result!

supplies and decorating

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of all my studio supplies, i think my mat cutter might be the most indispensable. a few years back, i received this logan compact cutter as a birthday gift from my mom and i would be lost with out it. not to mention - broke! it is a crime how much professional framing costs.

decorating is a big part of my life and i love to find inexpensive ways to get great artwork on the walls. my go to place for artwork is calendars. typically a calendar is under $20 and you can find some great ones showcasing a series of similar prints. when we moved into this house, i knew i wanted to line the walls of our hallway with artwork and was thrilled when i found a beautifully printed calendar with a bird/botanical theme.

i used 8 months worth of art and bought some inexpensive ikea frames. then i went to work with the mat cutter. it is so simple to use, and very durable. i think the finished product came out just as great as any framing shop, and it definitely makes a statement when you walk into the house.

decorate and redecorate - it's a vicious cycle

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due to my business, lamps come in and out of my house on a daily basis. which means, i am constantly switching out the ones i use to decorate my home with.

i bought a pair of milk glass lamps months ago, and they have been sitting untouched since then. the wiring needed replaced, but these were a bit trickier because the base is a nightlight, which translates into: 2 sockets, 1 cord. i was a bit intimidated which is why i didn't jump on updating them right away. but, the good news is they were easy peasy to rewire. the base can light up on its own as well as the top standard light, or they can be lit together as shown above. i am hopelessly in love with the effect of them glowing in an otherwise dark room.

office and studio, finally!

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i've been talking about my new studio a lot lately and i am happy to say it is now ready to be revealed! my friend jessica ashley came over the other day and took fabulous photos for me.

since my new space takes over the formal living room of the house (which really, who uses this kind of a room anymore?), i added french doors to keep out the noise that 2 munchkins make. the street sign is from a thrifting weekend in savannah, ga - i couldn't resist, it was too perfect.

the space is what i have always dreamed of. i can do my graphic design work, make a mess crafting, or read a book. my own personal retreat :)

the desk is from ikea and is actually 2 tops put together. it has a glass top with a shelf underneath which is perfect to hide paper clutter. an old crib spring is used as a twist on a bulletin board - clothespins hold the items onto the frame. the crazy brown thing on the wall is left over from when this was a living room. i had painted a tree, but now i can't decide if i want to paint over it or not.

a few years ago, we built a row of bookcases along the back wall. since there is no closet in this room, the bookshelf is indispensable. it holds books as well as artwork from friends and family plus office supplies

i love this chicken wire basket. vintage milk glass holds crafting and sewing trinkets.

i'm always on the lookout for store props to hold everything i make. this old spinning store rack holds my aprons before they are shipped out.

and once again, my sewing table which i love, love, love. the color is so unexpected and puts a smile on my face every time i walk into the room.

so that's it, a little view into my world!