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country living and a fair

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did you know the country living fair came to atlanta this past weekend??? i definitely did and i made sure i arrived bright and early on friday to shop. but first i had to get my picture taken in front of the pumpkin patch before the area got too crowded.

there was so much eye candy, i didn't know where to start first. however, we did know one thing since we remembered the crowds last year, we decided to start at the end and work our way to the front.

this double shabby chic booth was amazing! (i grabbed a card, but no website listed :( if you know it, shoot me an email). it was done out in white and cream sheets and lots of vintage goodies. the styling was impeccable.

i rounded a corner and the skys parted when i came across a booth entirely of buttons. seriously, every kind of button and price point you could imagine. the woman who runs this booth also sets up shop at the new lakewood antiques north of the city.

vintage notions were available everywhere. i especially love this vignette because it gives me an idea of ribbon storage i can build.

the sisters on the fly girls were also there with two of their beautifully redone campers. isn't the custom painting amazing???

this is the inside of one of the campers. i just want to crawl inside and take a nap. actually it really makes me want to scour the internet for a camper of my own to redo and park in my back yard as a little retreat.

this was a sweet decoration that twiststyle added to a tree outside of her booth. genius way to attract customers as they round the corner.

i think i walked and shopped for 9 hours straight with 3 trips out to the car to deposit goodies. overall, i thought the fair was so much fun. i did wish that there was more individual art and less wholesale products represented, but still a great day.

check back tomorrow to see how i helped out at the fair on saturday, along with a giveaway you won't want to miss!

festivals, fun and friends

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my big festival weekend has come and gone and i am pooped! but i did want to stop by and show you all what i was up to. it is stressful work prepping and getting set up for a festival, but once the crowds trickle in, you can't help getting swept up in the fun of it all.

first i would like to introduce you to scarlet. you have seen my assistant before, but not all dressed up in her sunday best. i found the crinoline during a yard sale shopping spree on friday and fell in love instantly. let me tell you, she was the hit of the weekend, especially with the little girls. one sweetie in particular gave her a huge bear huge while begging her daddy to buy it for her. priceless!

looking in, this is the back wall of the tent complete with prints, bookmarks and my felt wares. a favorite part of my booth are the pricing signs which are old barrister cabinet doors. i learned early on that it was a pain in the behind to individually price items, so i devised a chalkboard sign reminiscent of turn of the century shop signage.

another piece you have seen before, but this time, my blue bookcase was revitalized with new LA branding. i designed a banner, had it printed/laminated at the local office supply shop, and with a little double stick tape, it turned into a perfect display.

finally here is a shot of how i displayed my new framed canvases. old wooden screen doors lined with hardware cloth, then zip tied to the tent frame. i was most happy about all the love i received on these new pieces. really, warm the heart, huge smile on my face kind of love. two of them will now reside in the room of a brand new baby girl. perfect!!!

white and bright

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happy mother's day to all! as oprah says, "it is the hardest job on earth" - but the sweet little things like breakfast in bed and fresh cut flowers held by a smiling face with chubby cheeks make it all worth it.

if you live in atlanta and haven't picked something special up for your mom yet, head on over to the dunwoody art festival, i will be set up from 12:30 - 6.

festivals and favorites

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my favorite festival of the year is coming up... the dunwoody art festival in atlanta, georgia. in the past, festivals were always iffy sales for me. i would get lots of love, but few purchases. sometimes i think it is easier for jewelry artists at shows because someone can always add another necklace to their collection. but lamps, shades??? you really need to have a specific spot for one of those. anyhow, that all changed when i set up in dunwoody last year. i had a record 2 days and really felt like i found my customer niche. i have tons of new products this year and even some new spring yellow tablecloths that i whipped up last week, so fingers crossed that i will have another great weekend.

if you are in the atlanta area, you can go here for time and directions. and if you are hoping to see me again, my booth has been changed to an undisclosed location (a bit frustrating), but i will be there, i promise!

rolled and packed

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i have been hibernating lately trying to finish up a huge bunch of aprons. my first festival of the season is may 7 & 8, and the deadline is quickly approaching! i think i sewed 25 in one day and wouldn't you know it, i had 3 to go and completely ran out of thread. not bobbin thread, but spools of thread. i have random colors lying around, but since i only sew with white, i was up a creek. i made a quick dash to the fabric store and haven't left the house since.

thank goodness my annual easter box of Sarris Candy goodies from my mom arrived on my doorstep today, i was starting to get really hungry!

rain and shine

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this past week has been one of those where yuckiness has rained down on me. i have a graphic design client who is trying very hard to drive me nuts, nuts i tell you! but i have to remind myself to push on through the rain. if i let the rain roll off my back, i can shine right on through.

the above image is the second piece i have done since my breakthrough. this time, i experimented with canvas and couldn't be happier. the daffodil is my drawing, appliqued onto fabric which is then wrapped around a sturdy canvas frame. the top is a cream, rain filled sky with a speckled brown muslin for the dirt.

next on the agenda? a chunky white frame so that when someone buys it at my next show in may, all they have to do is put a nail in the wall and hang it. i am actually quite excited to start on the frame, i think it will complete the look very nicely. i have the wood all picked out - all i have to do is get out my miter saw and nails and i will be ready to go!

notebooks and scribbles

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are you a scribbler? a note taker? a list maker? these mini notebooks are the perfect stocking stuffer to brighten up a purse or book bag. hopefully these will fly off the shelves at my holiday show this saturday, but in case they don't, they will promptly be placed on esty the following week.

trees and more trimmings

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i've had some inquiries into the other color of trees i have made this season, so i thought i would post another style. this tree is painted using an antique brass color, embellished with gold baubles,

then topped with a glittered gold star.

finally, the base is trimmed with vintage sheet music and a ruffled green ribbon.

if you are in the atlanta area, swing by the st. pius x marketplace on saturday, nov. 20th from 9-3 to see all my glittery creations.